4 reasons why your small business needs a website...


I have been in the sales world, I had a paint company (college), I am a touring musician (6 plus years), I have worked in retail, manual labor, you name it...I have most likely done it. 

Something that has revolved around all of those businesses is some sort of presence. In the concrete world it was easy because we worked in a massive pit in the neighborhood for 2-3-4 weeks. Everyone saw us... In the paint world it was a sign on the lawn...as a musician it's being on iTunes/Festivals/Posters/& the web...10-15 years ago a website was important but businesses could work around it. The fact of the matter (is that backwards) is that you must have a website to truly have a presence in your market.

Here are several reasons/thoughts behind this:

1) NEW "NEIGHBORS" If someone new moves into your area how do you expect them to find you? Are they to just by chance get the urge to walk into your location? Trends are showing that if someone can't Google and find some sort of website/social media account on a business they will not even give the business a chance...

2) GREEN WORLD Look at the print newspaper world. The ones that have faded into the embers of the sun are the ones that didn't provide a web presence. They didn't see a value or want to invest and poof...gone. People also don't want to hurt the planet - so they are moving away from paper in big ways. I know it's hard to take but it's true.

3) FIRST IMPRESSIONS Having a yellow page "website" that is simply a landing page that looks generic or simply relying on a Trip Advisor profile or even Facebook for that matter...is not the best way to go. Especially if you believe in the age old "first impression" to guide you and your business to prominence. Get a handle on your web presence...if you have some weird landing page from 2005 - go and take it down. If that comes up before your social media the landing page is your first impression and it may be slowly killing possible new business.

4) TELL YOUR STORY And this brings me to the last reason you must have an least a clean/crisp landing page...so YOU can tell your story. Not anyone else can or should do that. You can paint the picture of what you want people to take away about your company/product/you name it. 

COSTS??? What if the investment of $1,000-4,000 for the website gets you $10,000-30,000 more business? It did for my music. I gained so many contracts through having a web presence that told my story well. 

What's your story?

Joe Frey | Owner |  Anchored.Media

Joe Frey | Owner | Anchored.Media